12 Weird Ways to Make Money Online

Guest Post By: Miranda Grimm from WahAdventures.com

As a blogger who talks about working from home, I have seen it all! There are countless ways to make money online. From a full time job with benefits and a retirement plan to chump change on the hour. But some online money making methods are a little…shall we say- odd!

The following are some of the weirdest ways I have seen others making money online, as well as a few that happen to be pretty cool.


1. Rent Your Dog

There are online platforms available to make renting out your property, including your pets, pretty simple! As ABC NEWS reported, at least one family has made extra cash by renting out their family dog. Apparently it is a win – win situation. They pocket some money, the dog gets some extra play time and well – I am  not so sure what is in it for the renter but maybe a few ooh and ahhs from women at the dog park?

It’s not just renting your dog that makes extra cash online. Rent out whatever you have using sites like SnapGoods or Loanables. The options of what you could rent out are endless; from power tools, your car, your driveway and even yourself!

Which brings us to our next weird way to make money online.


2. Sell Your Friendship

Yeah I hear you on this – it’s creepy. Right? Well, hear me out. RentaFriend.com is an online marketplace where you can rent out your friendship. While it could be for a night out at the movies, some people are renting themselves out to be friends with senior citizens or to be brought as a date to a special event like a wedding. RentaFriend may sound awfully similar to an escort service but they make it very clear that the site is not a dating site or an escort service. 

Apparently most people charge $10 an hour for their friendship.


3. Eat Paper

Never heard of eating paper to make some extra cash online? Yeah this is a bit bizarre. But apparently at least one guy is making big bucks at it! A man going by the alias, ShoeNice has listed his paper eating services at Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you sell whatever you want for five bucks. ShoeNice has made at least $595 through the site by literally eating a piece of paper for each order!

There are many other odd and bizarre ways to make money online through Fiverr. In fact, whatever your wild imagination can think of- if you can do it for five bucks then you can list it on fiverr!


4. Get Paid to Exercise

Believe it or not there are actually apps for smartphones that will reward you for working out! Sounds a bit too god to be true. Not only would that be awesome motivation to get moving but how nice it would be to actually be rewarded for making healthy choices. 

Nexercise and GymPact are just two apps I have heard of that pay their users for working out.


5. Make Fun of Movies

Oh how awesome this online gig sounds! Get paid to actually make fun of movies. I’m sure you’ve seen those videos where people do things like put voice overs and edit parts of movies to mock or make fun of them.  If you can create MP3 files of yourself making fun movies then you can post it on a site called RiffTrax to make money. You set your own rate and get paid if anyone chooses to buy it!


6. Be a Virtual Juror

There are websites such as eJury and OnlineVerdict that hire people to act as jurors for mock jury duty. Sounds a bit ridiculous at first, but the concept is actually pretty cool. Prior to an actual case – many lawyers will present their case to a mock jury. This way they can get an idea of how their case may be seen by the public eye.

This gig usually only pays around $30 for a small amount of your time – those who have been chosen to eJury Duty have expressed that they rather enjoyed it.


7. Sell your Unmentionables

Let’s all just say it together. Ready? 1…2….3….EEEWWW. 

Yes, there is a market for your dirty underwear! I don’t understand it but people buy them. In fact, there is such a market that there are actual vending machines in Japan that sell used panties for anywhere from $50 to $100!! Others have reported that sites like Craigslist and of course, SellPantiesForMoney.com are flooded with perverts buyers.

Obviously I am not saying we should all go dig out our dirty underwear from the hampers and post them online, but it is one pretty odd ball way to make money!


8. Listen to Music

This is one of many ways to grab a few pennies here and there. SliceThePie pays users to listen to music. After listening to a song you rate it and write a review. While it doesn’t pay enough to be considered a main source of income, it is certainly an out-of-the-box way to make extra money.


9. Get Paid to Socialize Online

Social Media is how businesses gain customers. Many companies are ready to pay people to talk about their products or services through social media. Companies such as MyLikes.com and PinBooster.com pay you to share on Facebook or pin to Pinterest.


10. Sell Your Hair

If you have at least 10 inches of healthy hair that has not been permed, bleached or dyed and you are not a smoker – you could make some money!

Your hair could actually be worth over a thousand dollars! There are sites online where you can list your hair for sale. Sites such as OnlineHairAffair.com and Hairwork.com have great platforms to find a buyer for your healthy mane.


11. Sell iPhone Images

If you have an iPhone then you could turn your photo album into cash! iPhone app, Foap, makes it easy to list images for sale and earn $5 each time someone chooses to download your image. Each image can be downloaded multiple times! If you enjoy using your iPhone to take images then be sure to download the foap app to earn extra cash.


12. Sexting

Sexting is basically talking dirty to people through text messages. There are plenty of places online that pay you to provide sexting services. While the work seems like a cake job, it has been said sexting is a lot more complicated than you would initially think. 


Want more ways to make money online? Visit WAHAdventures.com to find work at home job reviews, updates of companies hiring online and freelancing advice.

Miranda Grimm- The creator of WAHadventures.com- has many passions in life. The Lord, her family, blogging and especially Web/Graphic Design. Miranda is living out her dream, working from home to be with her children while actually making money doing something she loves!

About Kristi

Kristi Corrigan is the founder of Moms R Bomb. After having her second child she left her job in the agriculture industry to stay home with her children. Shortly after leaving her job she started researching ways to not only save her family money but how to make money from home. She landed her first work at home job in 2005 and has been working at home since. Kristi now has three amazing children and a wonderful husband. Connect with Kristi on Facebook


  1. Number 7 has health code violation written all over it, but hey whatever floats their boat I guess.

  2. I’ll have to check Foap.

    I’ve tried iphoneography but I didn’t know that you can sell iPhone images.

    Thanks for the tip.
    Punrun recently posted..Why Chapters Plum Points Are Disappearing?My Profile

  3. N'nette says:

    Did you find any legitimate companies that pay for #12? It sounds easy enough and could be decent extra cash, and I admit when I googled it there was more questionable items that came up.

    Also any word on any one buying Android images? The world just keeps pushing me towards getting an iPhone!

  4. Wow…I had no idea. It just goes to show, there’s a market for everything.

  5. I’m a little creeped and grossed out right now. I’m all for making an honest buck but I don’t think I could sext for money (plus, I’m pretty sweet and innocent) and the idea of selling gross undies is well, gross.
    Jennifer recently posted..X-Files GeekMy Profile

    • I agree there are some very creepy ways to make money online! I’ve been working online for nine years and I thought I had seen it all. This list made me realize I have not seen it all! There are a few things on the list I will stay away form ;)

  6. Hi!
    Wow – really – I definitely have to look into 1 – most of the time I am paying my vet for boarding! Who would have thought I could be getting paid instead!!!! Thank you for this info! :)
    I stumbled on your blog through a link on blogelina and I luv it! Great read too on your earnins, time it took, etc – thanks for sharing!

  7. Some of these are definitely weird!!!!

  8. This was interesting. While renting friendship sounds a bit too creepy for me, I think being a virtual juror might be actually pretty fun. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Wow – bizarre!!!!! Used undies?? eeewwww! The ejury thing is pretty cool!

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