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My name is Kristi and I am a stay at home mom in California with three children ages 15, 8 and 4. I am also married to amazing man that is supportive of everything I do.

I  am a work at home mom and currently contract with several different companies. I currently work as a virtual assistant specializing in social media, freelance writing and customer service. I have been working from home since early 2005. The work at home journey has been a long one but has helped out my family in more ways than I can count.

When I’m not working you can find me reading a good book, cooking new recipes or just hanging out with my family.

I started this blog to help other women find ways to make money online, find the right products for their family and hopefully help make their life a little easier.

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Stefani is 29-years-old and loves fashion and beauty products. You can normally find her shopping or watching You Tube tutorials on new hair and makeup ideas.

She has worked in the pediatric dental field for 10 years. She is currently pregnant with her first child and due on Sept. 7, 2013. She is engaged to an amazing man and they have been together for the last 15 years! 


Stefani and her fiance also just bought their first home and are very excited to start decorating and making it feel like home. 

Stefani will be in charge of handling all of our pregnancy and baby reviews. She will also be posting from time to time about her journey in becoming a first time mom.