Best New October 2017 Romwe Coupons

Best New October 2017 Romwe Coupons

You could save a lot of money if you buy your sweatshirts at Romwe this fall. The air is getting chilly and you need these clothes to keep you warm. But this online store is selling more than sweatshirts. They also have dresses, blouses, pants, T-shirts, swimwear, and other items as well. Here are the sales deals you could expect once you surf to their site. For starters, you could shop for marked down items.

Romwe is offering various clothing item based on the following pricing schemes:

  • 2,221 clothing items under $12.99
  • 1,395 clothing items under $9.99
  • 1,027 clothing items under $7.99
  • 272 clothing items under $5.99

It’s amazing to see the number of fashionable fall clothes you can get for just a few dollars. You just need some patience in selecting the best clothes that will suit you.

Avail of the Sale:

You could fill up your entire fall wardrobe by simply getting them from Romwe’s sale. There are also more than 600 of the store’s clothing items that are heavily discounted. For the curious, the markdown ranges anywhere between 50 percent up to 75%.

Buy One, Get One

Romwe is also offering a Buy One, Get One sales promo. Any customer who participates can save up to 99%. The 259 items available for this promo are also heavily discounted. You could practically buy two pairs skinny leggings and halter top for less than $11. The additional discount ranges 50 percent to 75 percent.

Other Discounts and Perks

In case you’re a first-time customer you will get a $5 discount for an order worth more than $49. But you get free shipping if your order reaches more than $59. If these discounts are not yet convincing enough you could still take it further by using a Romwe coupon. Use it to get a 10% off your order with code 10DRESS.