12 Weird Ways to Make Money Online

Guest Post By: Miranda Grimm from WahAdventures.com

As a blogger who talks about working from home, I have seen it all! There are countless ways to make money online. From a full time job with benefits and a retirement plan to chump change on the hour. But some online money making methods are a little…shall we say- odd!

The following are some of the weirdest ways I have seen others making money online, as well as a few that happen to be pretty cool.


1. Rent Your Dog

There are online platforms available to make renting out your property, including your pets, pretty simple! As ABC NEWS reported, at least one family has made extra cash by renting out their family dog. Apparently it is a win – win situation. They pocket some money, the dog gets some extra play time and well – I am  not so sure what is in it for the renter but maybe a few ooh and ahhs from women at the dog park?

It’s not just renting your dog that makes extra cash online. Rent out whatever you have using sites like SnapGoods or Loanables. The options of what you could rent out are endless; from power tools, your car, your driveway and even yourself!

Which brings us to our next weird way to make money online.


2. Sell Your Friendship

Yeah I hear you on this – it’s creepy. Right? Well, hear me out. RentaFriend.com is an online marketplace where you can rent out your friendship. While it could be for a night out at the movies, some people are renting themselves out to be friends with senior citizens or to be brought as a date to a special event like a wedding. RentaFriend may sound awfully similar to an escort service but they make it very clear that the site is not a dating site or an escort service. 

Apparently most people charge $10 an hour for their friendship.


3. Eat Paper

Never heard of eating paper to make some extra cash online? Yeah this is a bit bizarre. But apparently at least one guy is making big bucks at it! A man going by the alias, ShoeNice has listed his paper eating services at Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you sell whatever you want for five bucks. ShoeNice has made at least $595 through the site by literally eating a piece of paper for each order!

There are many other odd and bizarre ways to make money online through Fiverr. In fact, whatever your wild imagination can think of- if you can do it for five bucks then you can list it on fiverr!


4. Get Paid to Exercise

Believe it or not there are actually apps for smartphones that will reward you for working out! Sounds a bit too god to be true. Not only would that be awesome motivation to get moving but how nice it would be to actually be rewarded for making healthy choices. 

Nexercise and GymPact are just two apps I have heard of that pay their users for working out.


5. Make Fun of Movies

Oh how awesome this online gig sounds! Get paid to actually make fun of movies. I’m sure you’ve seen those videos where people do things like put voice overs and edit parts of movies to mock or make fun of them.  If you can create MP3 files of yourself making fun movies then you can post it on a site called RiffTrax to make money. You set your own rate and get paid if anyone chooses to buy it!


6. Be a Virtual Juror

There are websites such as eJury and OnlineVerdict that hire people to act as jurors for mock jury duty. Sounds a bit ridiculous at first, but the concept is actually pretty cool. Prior to an actual case – many lawyers will present their case to a mock jury. This way they can get an idea of how their case may be seen by the public eye.

This gig usually only pays around $30 for a small amount of your time – those who have been chosen to eJury Duty have expressed that they rather enjoyed it.


7. Sell your Unmentionables

Let’s all just say it together. Ready? 1…2….3….EEEWWW. 

Yes, there is a market for your dirty underwear! I don’t understand it but people buy them. In fact, there is such a market that there are actual vending machines in Japan that sell used panties for anywhere from $50 to $100!! Others have reported that sites like Craigslist and of course, SellPantiesForMoney.com are flooded with perverts buyers.

Obviously I am not saying we should all go dig out our dirty underwear from the hampers and post them online, but it is one pretty odd ball way to make money!


8. Listen to Music

This is one of many ways to grab a few pennies here and there. SliceThePie pays users to listen to music. After listening to a song you rate it and write a review. While it doesn’t pay enough to be considered a main source of income, it is certainly an out-of-the-box way to make extra money.


9. Get Paid to Socialize Online

Social Media is how businesses gain customers. Many companies are ready to pay people to talk about their products or services through social media. Companies such as MyLikes.com and PinBooster.com pay you to share on Facebook or pin to Pinterest.


10. Sell Your Hair

If you have at least 10 inches of healthy hair that has not been permed, bleached or dyed and you are not a smoker – you could make some money!

Your hair could actually be worth over a thousand dollars! There are sites online where you can list your hair for sale. Sites such as OnlineHairAffair.com and Hairwork.com have great platforms to find a buyer for your healthy mane.


11. Sell iPhone Images

If you have an iPhone then you could turn your photo album into cash! iPhone app, Foap, makes it easy to list images for sale and earn $5 each time someone chooses to download your image. Each image can be downloaded multiple times! If you enjoy using your iPhone to take images then be sure to download the foap app to earn extra cash.


12. Sexting

Sexting is basically talking dirty to people through text messages. There are plenty of places online that pay you to provide sexting services. While the work seems like a cake job, it has been said sexting is a lot more complicated than you would initially think. 


Want more ways to make money online? Visit WAHAdventures.com to find work at home job reviews, updates of companies hiring online and freelancing advice.

Miranda Grimm- The creator of WAHadventures.com- has many passions in life. The Lord, her family, blogging and especially Web/Graphic Design. Miranda is living out her dream, working from home to be with her children while actually making money doing something she loves!

5 Legit Ways to Work From Home

Working from home is never an easy task when first starting out. But with a little practice and patience, you can really build your own business empire. The type of work at home we’re talking about here is neither the multi-level-marketing nor the sales business. There are several avenues you can take to become a work at home king or queen.

girl workin from home

#1. Write for Textbroker

This might be something you’ve never heard about before. Textbroker will pay you to write for them. How does this system work? Someone who wants to write for Textbroker can simply log on and apply. A writing sample will be required and from there you will be rated from a 1, 2, 3 or 4. The pay rate isn’t all that great, but you can make a great starting wage while writing for this company.

#2. Do Hits for Mechanical Turk

If you love doing small tasks and want to get paid for it, then maybe it is time you check out MechanicalTurk.com.  You can make money working on hits. This is a place you can make extra money and definitely not a place you can make thousands. But when you are sitting at home working and making money, who can complain?

#3. Work Like a Dog

Blogmutt is a unique blogging platform for writers and bloggers alike. You can sign up and check it out. The Blogmutt style is to offer all original content for $89 a month (to their customers). The average pay for a blog post is $8. The client can submit or reject your blog post. The great thing about this is that you can see what the past bloggers have submitted and the client’s approval or rejection rate. Although it’s not necessarily a conventional writing website, it is a neat place to earn money while writing.

#4. Try the Telephone Path

No one wakes up in the morning wanting to talk to someone on the phone. Or are you one of those people? Well, consider working from home on the telephones. This is a great way to earn money while working from home. The only downfall is that you can’t have a lot of noise while working from home on the phones. So this may not be a viable option if you have little kids or furry four legged friends. Places like uHaul, 1-800 flowers and Apple are always hiring work at home customer service agents.

#5. Do a little Search Engine Evaluation

A unique way to earn money while working from home is a search engine evaluator. Places like Leapforce, LionBridge, and Appen Butler Hill will hire you to do this kind of work at home. Do keep in mind that you have to apply and take a test before you get hired. You’ll also have to sign a NDA. That means you can’t share information with anyone. It’s still a great way to earn money and it pays anywhere from $12-16 an hour depending on the company and the role you’ll take on.

Now what is holding you back from earning money from the comfort of your own home? Use these work at home tools to get your foot in the door and watch your own work at home business grow leaps and bounds. 

Guest Post by Jess Weaver

Jess Weaver works from her home in Indiana as a professional writer, social media expert and virtual assistant. She has been married for five years and has two beautiful boys, ages three and one. They keep her busy and on her toes at all times. Jess graduated from Bethel College with a degree in Elementary Education in the spring of 2010. Jess loves God, ice cream and living each day to its fullest. You can contact her for any writing or administrative work by visiting www.jessleewrites.com

Do You Need More Eggs In Your Basket?

This was not a post I planned on writing today but I got some unfortunate news and I thought I should remind everyone you need more than one egg in your basket.

Twenty minutes ago I got an email stating that the call center job I do from home will be ending on February 4th. This was not something that was brought on by bad performance or anything of that nature. The client has decided to stop using work at home agents, meaning I am now out of a job.

This was my primary WAHJ and this is going to be a big hit to my families monthly budget. Thankfully, I do have some small eggs in my basket that will help bring in some extra income.

If you are currently working from home or you intend to start working from home I have one tip for you! Please do not get to comfortable with your work at home position. Most of us are Independent Contractors and can be terminated at any time. I was lucky enough to get notice but as an Independent Contractor companies are not required to provide any termination notice.

Line up a few jobs and make sure you always have a backup. Believe me you will be thankful you have a back up plan!


How To Find A Work At Home Job

Finding a work at home job might sound like an impossible task but knowing where to look will put you on the right path. I have been working from home for the past seven years and I have never had any issues when it comes to finding work from home. I have compiled some wonderful resources for you and I hope they help you on your work at home journey.

  1. Work Place Like Home - This should be your first stop if you are looking for a work at home job. Work Place Like Home aka WPLH is a very large community that has forums for just about every work at home job out there. There are also several wonderful forum members that post daily job leads. I highly suggest you sign up for a free account at WPLH.
  2. Work At Home Mom  - Work At Home Mom aka WAHM is another wonderful resource if you are looking to get into the work at home arena. There are several job leads posted every day and a lot of freelance opportunities are posted by people looking to hire. I do not find WAHM to be as organized as WPLH, but it is still a wonderful resource.
  3. Rat Race Rebellion - This is a wonderful resources if you do not want to sign up for another message board. Rat Race Rebellion posts several jobs leads every day. You can also sign up for their daily newsletter, everyday you will be notified of any work at home job opportunities.
  4. WAH Adventures – WAH Adventures is a wonderful blog ran by a group of ladies you have plenty of experience in the work at home industry. At WAH Adventures you will find job leads, tips on working from home and much more.
  5. Real Ways To Earn Money Online – This is another blog that provides wonderful job leads, information on working from home, will update you on the latest work at home scams and much more. I have found several fun ways to earn money through this blog.

I hope this list of resources helps you find your first work at home job or maybe even another work at home job. If you have any resources you would like to add please feel free to post the link in the comments.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

People are always asking me how I make money online. Most people do not even believe that making money online is possible. I am here to tell you that making money online is possible and there are several different ways you can make money online. Depending on what type of experience you have and how much time you have to dedicate to a job, you can even make a full-time income right from the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work, you can find a way to make some extra money from home.

  1. Call Center Jobs are not for everyone but if you have a quiet space, a dedicated phone line and enjoy talking to people this might be a great option to bring in a very nice income. Call center work is one of my personal favorite types of work at home jobs since I am able to make a pretty steady income. If you have little kids it might be hard to do this type of work since you do need a quiet environment. Some of most popular places to work are Working Solutions, ACD, LiveOps, West and Cloud 10.
  2. Transcription work is a great work at home choice if you can type quickly and your good at listening. I personally have not done transcription work but I do know several people who do this type of work from their home and make a pretty nice income. Having legal, medical or a criminal justice background can help you land a higher paying gig. Here are a few places that are popular among the transcription community: SpeakWrite, GAO, TigerFish and Ubiqus.
  3. Freelance Writing is an excellent gig if you enjoy writing and need a flexible schedule. Working as a Freelance Writer is not just for professional writers. Even someone with little to no writing experience can obtain a job writing web content. There are several companies that hire people just like me and you to write basic articles and you can also seek out private clients that pay higher rates and will require a more experienced writer. If you are interested in working as a Freelance Writer check out the following companies: Textbroker, Wordgigs, TCA, MediaPiston and if you want to find a private client I have had excellent luck on CraigsList.
  4. Web Design is another popular job you can do right from your home. If you have web design experience and want to start doing it from home there are several ways to get started. The first thing you should do is set up your own web page that showcases your talents. Start building websites for friends and family at no charge just so you can build your portfolio. You can also advertise on Craigslist offering to do low-cost web design work. Team up with a brand new blogger and offer to help him or her design their website. Once you start building up your portfolio  you can raise your rates!
  5. Virtual Assisting is a perfect way to be your own boss! If you have clerical experience this might be a good option for you. However, getting your virtual assisting business off the ground might take a little more work then you had thought about. In order to make money working as a virtual assistant you will need clients. Create a professional web page listing your service and prices. You will also want to invest in some business cards so you can network with business owners in your area. Start contacting local business owners and give a brief introduction of who you are and what you have to offer. You can also advertise your services on Craigslist.

**Remember that finding a work at home job takes time and dedication. You will likely fill out several applications before a company contacts you. You might even end up on a waiting list for several months or even years. If you are serious about working from home do not give up on your search!



ACD Direct

ACD Direct


ACD Direct is an excellent company to work for if you need something extremely flexible. At ACD Direct you would be answering phone calls for several different clients. The work is fun, easy and non-stressful!

If you get hired on with ACD Direct you will be required to pass a criminal background check, at your expense. You will also be required to go through some basic training which typically last a total of 6 hours.

You will also be required to work a minimum of 5 to 10 shifts a month.

You will schedule your shift in 1/2 hour increments and there are shifts available 24/7 365 days a year.

There are lots of options to move up within the company.

You are paid by the minute and typically there is no pay guarantee.

ACD Direct pays twice a month through direct deposit.

There is a very strict no background noise policy in place. If you do not have a quiet area in your home, I strongly suggest not applying.

The biggest complain from most agents is the call volume can be very slow at times. It would be hard to make a full-time income with ACD but if you are just looking for a little extra money, I would recommend ACD.

You can submit an application here.


Avoiding Online Job Scams

online job scams


When I tell people I work from home one of the first responses I get is that they tried but only found scams. Unfortunately online scams are all over the internet and are a part of the work-at-home job search. Whether you are new to searching for an online job or a veteran you are going to come across online job scams, but knowing how to sniff out the scams will save you money and heartache. Here are some common things to watch for:

  • Never pay any money upfront! You should never have to pay money to sign up a program or buy a product. 
  • If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do your research! I can not stress this enough. Spending 10 to 20 minutes researching a company will prove to be invaluable.
  • Stay away from anything that says you are going to make thousands of dollars a week with little to no experience. 
  • Paying for a list of work at home companies. There are plenty of message boards and blogs that freely offer work at home job leads.
When in doubt plug the name of the company into Google and see what comes up. Always listen to your inner-voice and do not go against your instinct. Anyone that has ever worked from home knows that there is no such thing as easy money. It takes time, patience and determination to make money at home.
Do you work from home? If so what tips can you recommend to people just starting out in the work-at-home industry? Feel free to link up any relevant articles.

Working Solutions

I have worked in several virtual call centers and in my opinion Working Solutions is by far the best. The staff at Working Solutions is very professional and they make you feel like you’re a valued agent and not just another number. Most of the projects are customer service based but there are a few that involve sales. If you are interested in applying make sure you have a Microsoft Windows computer, land line phone without any features on it or the ability to turn the features off and high-speed internet.   As with any work at home company there are some pro’s and con’s to working here.


  • You set your own schedule on most projects you have to be willing to commit to at least 15 hours per week.
  • They have several different clients you can tried to get hired with.
  • The project managers are extremely nice (I am on my third project and have yet to come across a bad manager)
  • You are an independent contractor (This might be a con for some but it’s a pro for me)
  • Pay is every two weeks.
  • You are paid based on talk time (minutes on the phone with a customer) but they offer a guaranteed rate incase you don’t have any talk minutes during that shift.
  • Training is great and paid!


  • The waiting list can be very long, in fact I’ve heard some people have waited up to four years to get in. I waited three months to get in and I know a lot of other people who have been accepted fairly quickly.
  • Once you are in it can take a while to be put on a project. The average wait time for a project is two weeks to 3 months. This time frame really does vary depending on the companies needs and your qualifications.
  • The tech support team is excellent but I find that sometimes it takes them a while to get back to me. This isn’t a major issue but I have worked with other virtual call centers that had 24/7 live tech support.

If you would like to apply complete the application here.


Considering a WAH Job?

Maybe you have been considering working from home. Are you tired of the traditional 8 to 5? Before you give up your day job there are some things to consider. Getting a WAH job is very different than working in a traditional office setting.

1. Does your spouse make enough to cover the expenses while you are finding work at home employement? Finding a wah job can sometimes take months if not longer.

2. Do you have enough in savings to cover expenses?

3. Do you have the right equipment to work from home? Most companies will require you to have a dedicated phone line, a personal computer, printer and a USB headset.

4. If you plan on doing phone work, do you have someone to take care of your children?

These are all things you should think about before starting your work at home career. You should also factor in the time it takes to obtain employment from home. Some companies have a waiting list of one year or more. You should also think about the type of work you want to do. Some of the most popular work at home jobs are:

1. Freelance Work (Writing, Editing and Web Design)

2. Customer Service

3. Sales

4. Transcription

5. Lead Generation

Throughout the next few weeks, I will be posting more information on all of these areas of employment.

Do you work from home? What is the best tip you can offer to people just starting out?