Diet-to-Go Review (Low-Carb Menu)

This is a review of Diet-to-Go, I was given 1 free week of food. All opinions are my own!

You might recall that about two months ago I did a review on Diet-to-Go. If you missed it you can read it here. Last time around I went with the traditional menu. This time I decided to go with the low-carb menu. I am a carb girl but I know that not all of my readers eat carbs. I thought letting everyone see the low-carb meal plan would be beneficial, if you are trying to decide which menu option is the best for you. 

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What is Diet-to-Go?

Diet-to-Go is a meal service program focused on providing healthy and budget friendly food options. With this program you can lose weight safely. You won’t be required to take any diet pills, skip meals, go on a liquid diet or anything else. Diet-to-Go provides healthy meals that are low in calories and nutritionally balanced. 

With Diet-to-Go you place your order on their user-friendly web-site. You can pick from three different types of meals.

  • Traditional
  • Vegetarian
  • Low-Carb

There are plans with higher calories geared towards men and plans with lower calories geared towards women. You also have the option of choosing a lunch & dinner meal plan or a breakfast, lunch & dinner meal plan.

When you place your order you can even specify if you have allergies or if there is any certain food you dislike. 


What I got?


  • Feta Frittata
  • Steak & Eggs
  • Cheese Omelet
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Spinach Quiche


  • Portobello Lasagna
  • Chicken Souffle
  • Fiesta Burger
  • Chicken Fontina
  • Baked Chicken with Goat Cheese


  • Grilled Chicken
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Pork Chop Pomodoro
  • Roasted Half of Chicken
  • Chipotle Flat Iron Steak

As you can see you get a lot of food and not just little things that won’t keep you full. These are all real meals that will keep your body feeling satisfied. You do need to add in a few snacks but that wasn’t hard for me to do. I just made sure to have grapes, apples, yogurt and low-calorie ice creams on hand. 

Low-Carb vs. Traditional Menu Plan

Since I selected the traditional menu last time and the low-carb this time, I thought it would only be right to compare the two. I really enjoyed the low-carb breakfast and lunch items over the traditional menu. However, I personally liked the traditional dinner menu better. 

In my last review I stated that Diet-to-Go should offer desserts as part of their package. I still think they should do this (hint, hint, Diet-to-Go). However, I have another suggestion for them this time around. I think you should be able to mix and match your menu. If you could mix and match the menu’s, I would pick low-carb for breakfast and lunch and traditional for dinner. I think this would be a really cool option to give their customers. 

Overall I was very happy with Diet-to-Go and would order from them in the future. My favorite items this time around were the Scrambled Eggs, Chicken Souffle and the Grilled Chicken. My least favorite items were the Baked Chicken with Goat Cheese and the Chipotle Flat Iron Steak. 

You can take advantage of this amazing deal Diet-to-Go is offering my readers!


Diet-to-Go Rating:

Reviewed By:Kristi Corrigan

You can find Diet-to-Go on their website.

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  1. DIET TO GO IS A SCAM! I tried it and had to put my account on hold for different reasons such as vacation and each time there was a “error” and they have no record of my hold anytime. So I got charged for food I didn’t end up eating! If you sign up make sure you’re okay with paying for the food while away….

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