Working Solutions

I have worked in several virtual call centers and in my opinion Working Solutions is by far the best. The staff at Working Solutions is very professional and they make you feel like you’re a valued agent and not just another number. Most of the projects are customer service based but there are a few that involve sales. If you are interested in applying make sure you have a Microsoft Windows computer, land line phone without any features on it or the ability to turn the features off and high-speed internet.   As with any work at home company there are some pro’s and con’s to working here.


  • You set your own schedule on most projects you have to be willing to commit to at least 15 hours per week.
  • They have several different clients you can tried to get hired with.
  • The project managers are extremely nice (I am on my third project and have yet to come across a bad manager)
  • You are an independent contractor (This might be a con for some but it’s a pro for me)
  • Pay is every two weeks.
  • You are paid based on talk time (minutes on the phone with a customer) but they offer a guaranteed rate incase you don’t have any talk minutes during that shift.
  • Training is great and paid!


  • The waiting list can be very long, in fact I’ve heard some people have waited up to four years to get in. I waited three months to get in and I know a lot of other people who have been accepted fairly quickly.
  • Once you are in it can take a while to be put on a project. The average wait time for a project is two weeks to 3 months. This time frame really does vary depending on the companies needs and your qualifications.
  • The tech support team is excellent but I find that sometimes it takes them a while to get back to me. This isn’t a major issue but I have worked with other virtual call centers that had 24/7 live tech support.

If you would like to apply complete the application here.


Considering a WAH Job?

Maybe you have been considering working from home. Are you tired of the traditional 8 to 5? Before you give up your day job there are some things to consider. Getting a WAH job is very different than working in a traditional office setting.

1. Does your spouse make enough to cover the expenses while you are finding work at home employement? Finding a wah job can sometimes take months if not longer.

2. Do you have enough in savings to cover expenses?

3. Do you have the right equipment to work from home? Most companies will require you to have a dedicated phone line, a personal computer, printer and a USB headset.

4. If you plan on doing phone work, do you have someone to take care of your children?

These are all things you should think about before starting your work at home career. You should also factor in the time it takes to obtain employment from home. Some companies have a waiting list of one year or more. You should also think about the type of work you want to do. Some of the most popular work at home jobs are:

1. Freelance Work (Writing, Editing and Web Design)

2. Customer Service

3. Sales

4. Transcription

5. Lead Generation

Throughout the next few weeks, I will be posting more information on all of these areas of employment.

Do you work from home? What is the best tip you can offer to people just starting out?