Welcome To Moms R’ Bomb.com

Welcome To Moms R’ Bomb.com

You know it’s true, Moms R` The Bomb! Few households or schools for that matter would function for long with a good reliable Mom. I know that might cause controversy, there are GREAT GREAT GREAT Dads out there too, I’m not trying to diminish their contribution at all but lets face it. Moms make our worlds go round.

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Diana, I’m a stay at home mother of 3, an chronic voluteneer at my kids schools and a member of the PTA. For 10 years I’ve been keeping my family on budget and my kids on task.

What can you except from Momsrbomb.com?
1. My money saving secrets  – Keeping a family of 5 on budget is a challenge. Shoes, clothes, school supplies, clothing and food food food. After years of practice I have my tricks down pat, From money saving apps like Ibotta and websites like Coupons.com I’m able to keep our costs in check and save for the things we want as a family

2. Fun family activities – My kids have always been crafty. Our walls are covered with art projects, Popsicle stick picture frames and family photos. There are some crafts that I’ve made with each child when they come of age. I’ll be sharing my tips for memory making projects that we’ve found fun.

3. What’s good for my family might be good for yours – I’m very picky about what goes on and in my children. From shampoos to lotions to over the counter medication. I research everything that my kids use and try to always make an informed decisions. I’ll be sharing my top picks for kids products and break down why I choose them.

I hope you’re as excited about this blog as I am. Bookmark the site and follow us on social media so you don’t miss a single tip, craft or story!

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